February 21 - February 21, 2008 Soc. 453 Alcohol o Ray...

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February 21, 2008 Soc. 453 Alcohol o Ray Liotta on ER o Withdrawal – receiving an ethanol drip to stop him from going into a complete withdrawal, experiences extreme hallucinations, ; liver and kidney failure due to alcoholism—asks to be taken off of the medications (a DNR—do not recessitate) o Tips for drinking “safely”… Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages Eat before going out and snack while drinking Do not “load up” on hangover cures prior to going out (acetaminophen, etc.) Try to pace to yourself to one drink per hour or less (10 drinks per week) Abstain! Marijuana Terms associated with marijuana use: o Over 500 street names just on one page o Most common: pot, weed, tree, dank, herb, bud, green, mary jane Types: o Marijuana is red, brown, grey or green and generally consists of the crushed leaves, stems, flowers and buds of the cannabis plant o Three main types: Cannibus sativa – mostly grown as hemp (from Asia but grown other places C. indica – mostly grown for psychoactive properties (many parts of the world) Ruderalis – Russian grown, not in U.S. Preparations o The active ingredient in Cannabis is THC: o Delta – 9 – Tetra o How do we get THC out of the plant? Resin, which contains most of the THC, is concentrated in the flowering tops, somewhat less so line the leaves and even less in the stems Extraction from the leaves: Boil it/soak it in alcohol Beat it in between cloth and the resin will stick to the cloth Leave it on the plant and smoke it What do we get?
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o Hashish – pure resin (or close to), can be concentrated into a chocolate- like consistency or can be boiled into a thick, tarry, oil form; average THC
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February 21 - February 21, 2008 Soc. 453 Alcohol o Ray...

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