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Quiz 3, VERSION B ATOC 1050, Fall 2007 Name: _______________________ True/false and multiple choice. Circle “T” for “True” and “F” of “False” or circle the BEST answer for the multiple choice on this paper. This quiz is worth 50 points. 1. In the Unites States, LARGE hail (greater than three-fourths inch in diameter) falls most often: a. in Florida b. in Oklahoma c. in Texas d . in northeast Colorado/southeast Wyoming e. in Kansas 2. T . F . The Santa Ana winds are best known for their ability to spread wildfires in southern California. 3. T. F . Hurricanes kill more people than lightning. 4. T. F . Waterspouts are tornadoes over water and are very dangerous to boats and air craft. 5. T. F. All or most thunderstorms: a. occur in the spring and summer b. contain hail that hits the ground c. contain lightning d. all of the above e . a. and c. only 6. T
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Unformatted text preview: . F. The temperature of lightning is 5 to 6 times hotter than those of the sun’s exterior. 7. Which is NOT a major type (i.e. one of the 4 types of thunderstorms) of thunderstorm according to Betsy, your instructor? a. multi-cellular lines (squall lines) b. multi-cellular thunderstorms c. . severe d. supercells e. NONE of the above, they are all major types of thunderstorms 8. Which United States tornado(or tornadoes) killed the most people? a. Oklahoma City, May 3, 1999 b . Fort Worth, Texas, March 28, 2000 c. Super Tornado Outbreak, April 3 and 4, 1974. d. Codell, Kansas tornadoes, May 20, 1916, 1917, and 1918. e. Tri-state tornado, March 18, 1925 9. T. F. Temperatures will cool during a Chinook due to adiabatic compression. 10. T . F . Trapped lee waves are often associated with very strong surface winds....
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