February 25 Notes - February 25, 2008 Gangs Youth Gang...

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February 25, 2008 Gangs Youth Gang History o Late 1700s-Late 1800s (ex: Gangs of New York) White gangs only Ties to some prominent adult in the community (politician or influential member like a sponsor) Turf battles trump ethnic conflict (not just Italians vs. Irish, it was battles over neighborhoods themselves) Distinct rules were followed (scheduled time and place for the battle) Some conflict between white (Irish) and African Americans in north for jobs, etc. (individual African Americans—not gang battles) o Late 1800s-1940ish Still mixed ethnic, mostly white, tied to local politician (gangs put up flyers, intimidated voters, give politicians kickbacks from gang money) Neighborhoods saw white youth gangs as the one institution that could keep order in the neighborhood (corrupt police, etc.) Keep strangers out of neighborhood (were tolerated by people) Larger role in enforcing racial order First big migration of African Americans to North as free people (competed for same jobs, same houses—much competition and concern); public facilities were racially segregated formally but there wasn’t a whole lot of residential segregation (“freaked out a little bit”) Race riots 1917-1919 o 1919 Chicago – a young African American boy accidentally was on the white side of the beach and was drowned by white boys; a black group boldly go and put their towels down on the white side of the beach and it caused complete panic in the city among whites and lead to a race riot where white youth went around the city burning, beating people up, and killing; lasted for five days and 38 people were killed, 300 injured (was white youth gangs who instigated the riots and who went into neighborhoods causing damage—created the “drive-by”) o No African American gangs because they didn’t have the resources or numbers to do so o 1940ish-1970ish
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Second wave of Black migration to the North White fight , then flight (many cases a violent fight); home owners’ association used white gangs to try to intimidate black families through destructive means As residential segregation begins to increase, Black gangs form to defend against white gangs; fighting over public spaces (what park, what theater, what beach) Increasing segregation (white people distanced in suburbs), turf
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February 25 Notes - February 25, 2008 Gangs Youth Gang...

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