March 10 2008

March 10 2008 - March 10, 2008 Slides on her website for...

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Unformatted text preview: March 10, 2008 Slides on her website for statistics Guest Speaker: Pamela Oliver Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice in Wisconsin National Trends o The U.S. has the worlds highest incarceration rate (followed by Russia, South Africa, countries in Europe) by international standards o The white population have a higher incarceration rate than most of the world, but blacks incarceration rates are much higher than even the white population (7 to 10 times the rate of the white population) o Disparity is not unusual the combination of a high incarceration rate and racial disparity is unique to the United States (the black incarceration rates arent comparable to anywhere else in the world) o Prison vs. Jail Incarceration rates include both prison and jail o Nationally, the black population is being imprisoned at alarming rates Nearly 40% of the black male population is under the supervision of the correctional system prison, jail, parole, probation) About 12% of black men in their 20s are incarcerated, about 20% of all black men have been in prison About Rates and Disparity Ratios o Imprisonment and arrest rates are expressed as the rate per 100,000 of the appropriate population (100,000 as the base rather than 100 as in percentages) o Rate/population=.xxxxx then multiple by 100,000 to get rate o Calculate disparity ratios by dividing rates o Populations include everyone including babies and those who will not or cannot commit crimes so the percentages are actually much higher...
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March 10 2008 - March 10, 2008 Slides on her website for...

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