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Unformatted text preview: Review for Exam I, ATOC 1050, Fall, 2007 The exam is on Friday, Sept. 21. It is worth 100 points. Questions are multiple choice and true/false. It is over chapters 1-4 in Rauber plus the radiation supplemental notes. Expect to read charts, maps, and diagrams as well as answer questions over material covered in class. You will NOT be asked questions over material that we didn’t cover in class. I made this review BEFORE I made out the exam, so please remember, IF IT WAS COVERED IN CLASS, IT MIGHT BE ON THE EXAM REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT IT IS ON THIS REVIEW SHEET! Know the following concepts/definitions: Chapter 1, Properties of the Atmosphere: Definition of weather, composition of the atmosphere, layers of the atmosphere (troposphere, etc.), properties of the atmosphere (temperature + temperature scales, pressure, density, etc.), We discussed each of the atmospheric properties in more detail including instruments used to measure these properties, physical laws (Ideal Gas Law) and principles, etc. this includes temperature, dew point these properties, physical laws (Ideal Gas Law) and principles, etc....
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