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Questions Week 4 - do you think they haven’t yet...

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Anne Flinchum Anthro 528 February 14, 2007 Questions for Week 4 1. The drinking of kava in Tanna was a way for the men to show control over women and the inequalities between the two sexes. Is there anything in our culture today that is comparable (or even in our recent history), or is there no relationship between the U.S. and Tanna? Are there any drugs that are particularly thought to be feminine or masculine? 2. In the article “A Pacific Haze,” it talks about the effects of tobacco in Oceania. Do you think the governments will crack down on the tobacco companies as much as they have here or why
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Unformatted text preview: do you think they haven’t yet? Shouldn’t the U.S. tobacco companies who advertise or sell their product there be just as responsible to those people as they have been forced to be to American citizens? 3. In the article “Coca Knows,” they say a lot about the rituals surrounding the drug, but they do not explain what the drug does or how they are able to ‘read” them. What are the effects of coca and why do people believe that it can be “read” or interpreted?...
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