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dot hack book report - .hack Another Birth is the title of...

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“.hack// Another Birth” is the title of the book I read. The novel was by Miu Kawasaki. This is a great book if you like science fiction and fantasy. It was published in 2004. There are 232 pages in this book, not including the extra character information in the back of the book. Akira wants to help her little brother. Her little brother fell into a coma from playing a game. She decides to also play the game. Many other people play this game, “The World”, as well because it’s an online game. She chooses a screen name, BlackRose. Along the way of helping her brother she finds various other people along the way, one of them is Kite. Akira Hayami is a normal girl who doesn’t like video games but that all changes when her little brother fall into a coma. BlackRose is her name in “The World”. Outside “The World”, Akira likes to play tennis at her school. Her little brother’s name is Fumikazu. He is the one who falls into a coma. Her other younger brother is Kouta. When she starts out two people teach her the basics Nova and Chimney. She later meets up with Kite, in the World. Kite brings along a few people like Piros and Nastume, and Mistral. Akira’s friends at school are mostly the tennis team. “The World” which is a Multi-mass online role-playing game or mmorpg for
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dot hack book report - .hack Another Birth is the title of...

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