A few good men ethics

A few good men ethics - Ethical Dilemmas i A Few Good Men...

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Ethical Dilemmas i A Few Good Men Ethical Dilemmas David Goldstein ADJ 235 Professor William Jackson, III January 20, 2008
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Ethical Dilemmas 1 When you sit down and watch a movie, you are looking for some type of conflict that has to be resolved throughout the course of 120 minutes or so. More often than not, these movies contain ethical conflicts. The 1992 movie “A Few Good Men” contains many ethical conflicts with all the main characters, not to mention Demi Moore is one of the stars to make it visually appealing. There are two main ethical dilemmas in the movie, one is with Tom Cruise’s character and the other is with Jack Nicholson’s character. The movie “A Few Good Men” is about a young hot-shot military lawyer named Lt. Kaffee played by Tom Cruise who is defending two United States Marines (Lance Corporal Dawson, and Private First Class Downey) on the charges of murder. The victim of the case was a young private named Santiago who wished to come home and be discharged from his base in Cuba. Santiago’s commanding officer played by Jack Nicholson named Colonel Jessup did not like the fact that Santiago would not conform to military norms and constantly sent letters about a possible cover up going on in the base in Cuba. Jessup made an underground order to Downey and Dawson to do a “code red” to Santiago. The term “code red” is used several times in the movie and it basically means to beat some sense in to a soldier who is not following orders and performing the way they should. During this “code red” assignment, Santiago was killed accidentally. Jessup blamed the entire thing on Dawson and Downey and tried to cover up the code red by forging fake transfer letters for Santiago. There are a lot of ethical dilemmas going on here. Dawson and Downey committed a big
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A few good men ethics - Ethical Dilemmas i A Few Good Men...

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