notes - were not active to find out which appeals were most...

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EASC-150g 09/01/2007 17:22:00 Pre-1949 China (Pre-Communist rule)     Peasant Nationalism Thesis-  Most widely accepted reason for Communist  victory.  If Japanese had not come, Communists would not have won. (Nationalism-  belief in keeping invading foreigners out) Socio-Economic Thesis-  If Japanese had not come, Communists would have  won anyway, it just would have taken longer. Revolutionary Mobilization Thesis-  Communist policies promoting agrarian  revolution more important than appeals toe nationalism;  more radical  (take no  prisoners, mobilize peasants to fight landlords, take their land) than simply using Socio- Economic Thesis.  This was the most effective thesis in getting peasants to participate. China is a big country: have to look at where Japanese were and where they  were most active.  Compare where Japanese were active in fighting and where they 
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Unformatted text preview: were not active to find out which appeals were most effective. In different parts of the countries, different appeals were effective therefore all these theses worked in different parts of the country. ← ← Self-Protection Thesis (used more for Vietnam than China)- Argued that Nationalism is neither necessary nor efficient to motivate a revolutionary movement. Believed self-protection motivated people, organizing a secure social and economic order would win support from the population. ← ← Questions ← ← main themes of river elegy (film) ← why did mao destroy everything he built in the cultural revolution zhou enlai, jiang qing (one of the gang of four), deng Xiaoping, lin biao ← red garb? 09/01/2007 17:22:00 ← 09/01/2007 17:22:00 ←...
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notes - were not active to find out which appeals were most...

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