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11 - -Goals of occupation change towards the end…...

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EASC notes for 4/11/2007 - American occupation of Japan: 1945-1951 - General McArthur in charge of SCAP (Supreme Commander for Allied Powers) - 2 goals of occupation, (1) demilitarize/disarmament, (2) democratization - Americans thought of Japan as having children’s minds - 3 S’s: sports, screen, sex - baseball - movies= big influence - pen-pen girls: got money from G.I.’s - Buruma: problem was not the culture but rather the kokutai (imperial unsaved state) - Constitution Article 9: most popular and durable product of the occupation
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Unformatted text preview: -Goals of occupation change towards the end… “reverse course”… rearmament, economic growth (thought they could be an ally, also during time of Mao)-Korean War (1950)-MITI: Minister of Trade and Industry-Central role: planned country economy, large role in growth-DIET: parliament-Yoshida Shigeru: Yoshida doctrine (Japanese diplomat and prime minister (1946-54)-Kishi Nobuske: PM (1957-1960)-Policies emphasized Japan’s economic recovery-1955 system: 2 party system (1) LDP, (2) JSP-...
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