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VERSION A ATOC 1050 Quiz 2, Fall 2006 Name: ______________________ MARK THE VERSION OF THE QUIZ ON YOUR SCANTRON. Multiple choice and True/False. Circle the BEST answer on this paper and darken in the corresponding circle on the scantron for the multiple choice, or circle “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” on your paper and on the scantron. DON’T FORGET TO DO BOTH! Each correct answer is worth 5 points. This quiz is worth 50 points. 1. On a Skew-T diagram, if the temperature curve is to the left of the curve representing the rising parcel of air, the atmosphere is: a. stable b. neutral c. unstable d. conditionally unstable e. Can’t tell from the information given 2. T . F. If the CAPE = 0 (Convective Available Potential Energy) and the LIFT = 10 (Lifted Index), then according to these 2 indices, the atmosphere is stable. 3. If an air parcel is displaced vertically in a stable environment, what will the parcel do? a. it will remain in its new position
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