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CSCI445 Fall 2207 Instructor: Hadi Moradi Homework 3 1. (15 pts) Discuss how the need for parallelism is addressed in each of the 4 control architecture types. Does each have it, does it use it, how important is it, etc. Answer: 1) Deliberative control: It doesn’t have parallelism. Deliberative control usually decomposition its task to three general steps: Sense, plan and act which is sequential. 2) Reactive control It has parallelism and it uses it very much. Reactive control wants to response very quickly and has different priority to different event. Parallel operation ensures it could handle these situations quickly and so it’s important. 3) Behavior-based control It has parallelism and it uses it a lot. BB control has distributed planning and learning part. Parallelism is important in BB control because it has to control different models on the same time and make response to different situation with different model. 4) Hybrid control It has parallelism and it often uses it. Hybrid control consists of a reactive layer, a deliberative layer and an intermediate layer. Reactive layer will handle the emergency situation and deliberative layer will do the thinking part. These three layers run in parallel and many computations happen in parallel. 2. (15 pts) Can a reactive robot remember a path it has taken and replay it? Why or why not?
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usc_cs445_introductionToRobotics_hw_solution - CSCI445 Fall...

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