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Unformatted text preview: Hypotheses offer a possible explanation for why something happens. It does not have to be an “If . . . , then . . .” statement. Dependent variable goes on the up and down (y) axis and is the variable that changes as a result of the independent variable . Sampling error is caused by either having a very small sample size or by having bias. Use a histogram when one variable is “frequency of” or “number of” Use a bar graph when one variable is expressed as words not numbers such as types of plants Use a line graph when the two variables have a functional relationship, meaning one variable changes as a direct result of changing the other Interpolation is good because it’s based on inference . Drawing a best-fit line is a form of interpolation and so is estimating data that falls in between your first and last measured data points. Extrapolation is bad because it is based on assumption . Extending your best-fit line beyond the first or last data point is an example of this and so is trying to estimate data that occurs before your first measured data or after your last measured data....
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