German Civ Exam 2 - Reasons for Weimar republic state of...

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Reasons for Weimar republic state of crisis: 1) Political extremists (both left and right wing) colliding . The radical left accused the ruling Social Democrats of having betrayed the ideals of the workers' movement by preventing a communist revolution. Right-wing extremists were opposed to any democratic system, preferring an authoritarian state like the 1871 Empire. To further undermine the Republic's credibility the extremists of the right (especially certain members of the former officer corps) also blamed an alleged conspiracy of Socialists and Jews for Germany's defeat in World War I. This political dispute led to the murder of civilians. 2) Communists : The first challenge to the Weimar Republic came when a group of communists and anarchists took over the Bavarian government in Munich and declared the creation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic . The communist rebel state was quickly put down one month later when Freikorps units were brought in to battle the leftist rebels. 3) Government debt : By 1923, the Republic claimed it could no longer afford the reparations payments required by the Versailles treaty, and the government defaulted on some payments. In response, French and Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr region , Germany's most productive industrial region at the time, taking control of most mining and manufacturing companies in January of 1923. Strikes were called, and passive resistance was encouraged. These strikes damaged the economy and increased the expense of imports. The strike meant no goods were being produced. 4) Great depression: 1930-1932. Caused by WWI reparations and the loss of the country’s most productive region because of defaulting on payments. 5) Rise of national socialism : Paul von Hindenburg appointed Brüning chancellor after taking office. Eventually, the working and middle class turned against the conservative Bruning and the capitalists and landowners started supporting Hitler and Hugenberg. By late 1931, the conservative movement went dead and on May 30
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German Civ Exam 2 - Reasons for Weimar republic state of...

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