Microtheme #2 - Tim Moehrle German Civilization 2320...

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Tim Moehrle German Civilization 2320: Section C Microtheme #2 March 5, 2008 Word Count: 858 Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, psychiatrist and researcher from Austria, is well known for his studies and theories of the unconscious mind. At the University of Vienna, Freud sought the direction of his heirs, Ernst Wilhelm Von Bruke and Hermann Von Helmholtz. Here Freud began studying Neurology, but after following the direction of his influences, began focusing on the study of the unconscious mind, described by the term psychoanalysis. Through tireless research and development of psychoanalysis, Freud attempted to address the problems of modern civilization, specifically events surrounding the second German Empire and World War One, in addition to a general search for identity through aggression among humankind. The initial piece of literature released by Sigmund Freud detailing his theory of psychoanalysis, properly titled An Outline of Psycho-Analysis , yielded that there were three pieces to a personality: the id, ego, and super-ego; a piece used to make connections to events during the rise of the Second German Empire. According to Freud, in his description of the physical apparatus, the id is described as anything that is inherited or could be referred to as natural instinct. The id is the pleasure seeking portion of our personality, in that it drives our instinctive need for satisfaction. However, Freud defines
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Microtheme #2 - Tim Moehrle German Civilization 2320...

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