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Berry 1 Dev Berry Sociology Sociological themes in Films Amongst the major sociological themes, three themes run throughout the movies we have watched in class. Education, deviancy and conformity, and community are the three themes that continuously reappear within the movies. The five movies I have selected to explore these themes are Dead Poets Society, Murderball, Born into Brothels, the Life and Times of Harvey Milk, and Supersize Me. These five movies, though they cover different topics and happen in different places, all incorporate these key themes. Education: Education is imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or similar institution. Dead Poets Society takes place in a private boy’s boarding school. The boys learn through classes, where Robin Williams plays their dedicated English teacher, and through their personal life experiences. Murderball , a movie about quadriplegics playing full contact rugby for the US on the quest for gold at the Paralympics Games in Athens, Greece. This had a theme of education because it educates the audience. Unlike other movies, that have the characters of the movie educated, this movie educates the viewer about rugby and what it is like to be a paraplegic athlete. Born into Brothels combines the education of the characters with the education of the audience. Through their photography, the children living in the brothels learn an art. This movie educated the
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Berry 2 audience about the sex industry of India. It also educates the audience about the life of the children living in the brothels of India’s red light district. The Times of Harvey Milk educates the viewer about what life was like for Harvey Milk, the first openly gay member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Through his murder, the people of California were able to be educated about his life and the gay population of San Francisco. When his murderer, former colleague Dan White, was able to get off with a light sentence, we learn of the occasional stupidity of the judicial system. The last film, Super Size Me , explores the obesity epidemic sweeping through America. By eating only
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sociology - Berry 1 Dev Berry Sociology Sociological themes...

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