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systhesis paper - article “The Qualities of the Prince”...

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Nicolas Discala EN102 February 9, 2008 Machiavelli knew that a prince could never stay in power without the use of force. Martin Luther King Jr. on the other hand, knew that you needed to use force to gain power. Martin Luther King Jr. states you must use force in order to be recognized. In reality, he never used physical force, because he believed that non-violent action would be the most effective action. King was sent to jail because he was demonstrating his beliefs about equality, in the form of protests. In jail, King wrote a letter to the Clergymen announcing that he disagreed with their actions and decisions about Black equality. King admitted that it was time to take action, by using force, to have their right recognized. Machiavelli and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. have similar beliefs, regarding the correct way to gain recognition and power. Machiavelli voices his ideas throughout his
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Unformatted text preview: article, “The Qualities of the Prince”, which is compiled of many of his thoughts. He believed a prince (one in power) will remain in power with the use of force, and the avoidance of hatred from his people. He believed it was not necessary to be loved, but often to be feared. However, being hated by everyone can cause a downfall. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. displayed the same beliefs in his letter titled, “Letters From a Birmingham Jail”, which he used towards his up rise in being powerful and recognized. However, Machiavelli’s “Prince” used his beliefs to stay in power and rule his people. In contrast, King uses these beliefs to be powerful and become recognized. Both figures have inspiring thoughts of how to achieve a certain goal, that goal being to become recognized. When the ideas from both writer’s are infused together they create perfection....
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