Vencor Executive Summary - Armando Prather; Mike Kempton...

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Armando Prather; Mike Kempton Business and Entrepreneurship October 2, 2006 Vencor Executive Summary Physical Overview of Company Physical Overview of Company Vencor is a corporation, which takes peoples’ unpatented ideas and either chooses to patent the idea and market the product, or sell the patent to a major competitor. As a major corporation we will need to create a stable work environment along with a competitive work force. The company will start off with 20 employees. As the company grows and productivity goes up, the amount of employees and clients will also grow from 20 to 5o in a 25 year span. The basic employee will answer phones and read mail. A step up from them will be the employees who have good judgment. They will need to be able to judge between good ideas and bad ideas. After they sort out ideas, they will outline and submit the ideas to the management team. The management team will consist of people who will actually choose which ideas are best and should be marketed. They will have the task of submitting reports to the higher managers, who will decide whether to have the
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Vencor Executive Summary - Armando Prather; Mike Kempton...

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