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Armando Prather Intro to Business and Entrepreneurship 8:15 September 10, 2006 Vencor Business Plan Vencor is a business designed to make the most out of the scarcest resources. The central idea of this company is to buy peoples ideas and market them. Vencor uses the best of marketing skills in order to get people to sell their unpatented ideas for inventions to the company. Next, the company will decide whether to design and market the invention on its own or sell the patent to a competitive company. Armando Prather and Michael Kempton the owners of Vencor have plans to make the company a successful corporation. The company plans to sell products similar to the “as seen on TV.” products. Vencor will also be the maker of games; both Electronic and board games. Vencor’s goal is to make products that will make people’s lives easier and more exciting. It is very expensive to patent idea; not to mention the cost of making a product,
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Unformatted text preview: marketing it to the public, and selling it in stores. There are thousands of people out there who come up with a brilliant idea, but never share or do anything with it. It will be advantageous to people out there with good ideas to sell their ideas to Vencor because they will get money for their ideas. Also, customers will get bragging rights because their signature will be on the products they invented. The Company will first look for investors in order to get the company up and running. It may seem as if Vencor is not a serious company, but that’s not so. Vencor will only use people’s ideas to build the company. Once the company is well established employees will be hired to handle design and marketing. Vencor has hopes of being established in the same market as Mattel and other companies alike....
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