Mill Day I and Rousseau

Mill Day I and Rousseau - Western Political Thought II Mill...

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Western Political Thought II 4/3/08 Mill Day I and Rousseau Rousseau Generally associated with the Social Contract Alternative feature is that he was an artist and wrote operas Leading novelist of the day o Stream of novels and books which were confessions of his most deepest feelings o Would have gone on Oprah Hypocrisy Criticizes it Different from other criticisms of the time in that Moliere and Shakespeare didn’t demean courage, but made fun of the aristocrats who claimed they were and Montesquieu who argued that sincerity came from nature Says it comes from modern life and that if we want to conduct ourselves in a normal way in modernity, we must be hypocrites o Forces us to adopt unnatural needs and luxuries We have limited capabilities as individuals to reach those needs Argues that the modern individual must twist himself to become an instrument that other people like and prefer and you become ‘other’ oriented for egotistical reasons The more self-absorbed you are, the more dependent you become on others o This desire for objects leads us to constantly reshaping ourselves to meet the needs of others He argues the modern individual is a soulless individual Bourgeoisie is the soulless individual Argues that the highest life is the sincere life o Sincerity is the virtue that is important The laws are the form of your life and not the substance To live a sincere life, you had to live on the margins of society o Or else you would always be twisted yourself to meet the needs of opinion, market, technology etc o Because by nature we are asocial, it is by nature, the best life What is most natural about us is what is most unique about us o Whatever we have in common with other people, comes from society How will we get social beings discover what is unique about themselves when they are social? o Finding what is distinctive is art Take up a way of live where one uses art and becomes an artist and uses that to find their most elementary self-conscious o The goal is not to make a portrait exactly in the image of the person o The goal is that when they see things, they bring out their deepest impression and sentiments
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Challenges Smith’s view of the artist who says that the artist must communicate with the
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Mill Day I and Rousseau - Western Political Thought II Mill...

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