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Mill Day II - Western Political Thought II Mill Day II...

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Western Political Thought II 4/8/08 Mill Day II Chapter One Page 4 - 5 o New form of tyranny o Shouldn’t be limited to the rules, laws and magistrate, but this new form is tyranny of the soul Who you are How you live your life Etc Page 5 – 6 o People take their cues from the opinions of others and how they should act o Charge against Smith who said the new god was public opinion Opening point is that the new god is public opinion, but it is tyrannizing the soul o Maybe this god is not so good…? Page 9 o Charge against Smith who’s idea of justice is to stay in your own lane Mill is criticizing Smith as having helped create the idea that the source that we look for to engage human conduct is public opinion o Says it is very ordinary, prejudiced, mixed etc o This new source is tyrannizing our souls The fundamental principle is that of Smith’s in that we can do what we want unless we harm others Mill is going to try to work off the foundation that Smith left him o Trying to identify the potential problems and take them on, while not overturning Smith’s principle of justice Chapter Two His issues are not those of free movement There is something holding us back from saying what we want to say and think what we want to think Mill doesn’t expect the restrictions on free press to last We’re moving into a time where there is a restriction on movement and speech His issue is far greater o Will we have an idea of liberty and thought that induces social progress and social perfection? Social progress and perfection is whether or not the society has the ability to discover and understand new truths o Moral, political truths Discovering New Truths There is a general problem rooted in human nature o Humanity tends to think that it’s prevailing conventions and norms of what is right, is naturally right
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o The ideas that we have preclude our ability to think about the ideas that we have Most of us are stuck in the view that our conventional views and the same as natural views If all major cultural views are rooted in a contingency, someday that contingency will be gone o This is extremely rare We tend to tyrannize ourselves thinking the conventional views are the right views The most important human quality is CORRIGIBILITY o Argument that through experience and discussion, we have the capacity to see the advantages and disadvantages of human experience Trying to break through the division between the empiricists and transcendentals Trying to work his way through the middle and find a synthesis
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Mill Day II - Western Political Thought II Mill Day II...

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