Descartes Day II

Descartes Day II - Western Political Thought Descartes Day...

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Western Political Thought 1/24/08 Descartes: Day II Descartes, like Socrates, says that no one knows what’s going on o No one has established certain and useful knowledge and that he is looking at math as the way to do that He goes through a discussion about the importance of founders, starting things in a way that they will be more perfect Descartes has his own mode of thought that he resolves not to break from and that he thinks should be the ultimate determinate of all other modes of thought His Four Methods of Attaining Knowledge Ancient philosophy has gotten our heads into the sky o He wants to get our heads into matter The knowledge we attain is the know that we can be certain about, because we have proved it ourselves o If we haven’t proven it, it is only opinion We need to start over, and be skeptical of everything , and from that we must build up from the simple to complex, but only if we can enumerate the answer, can we be certain that it is true Descartes is limiting his thinking to ONLY what can be proven (makes this a retreat in thought) o FMAK can also be seen as an offensive If Descartes’ FMAK fails, what do we start to think about reason? How should the experimenters live their lives? o If someone is rebuilding a house, they cannot simply tear it down and then start over Instead, one must leave parts of it standing Provisional Morality o Obey the laws, customs and gods wherever you are
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Descartes Day II - Western Political Thought Descartes Day...

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