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abnormal psychology lecture 091707 - abnormal psychology...

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abnormal psychology September 17, 2007 1. OCD: The Cognitive Perspective 2. Cognitive theory begins by pointing out that everyone has repetitive, unwanted, and intrusive thoughts a. People with OCD blame themselves for normal (although repetitive and intrusive) thoughts and expect that terrible things will happen as a result 3. Overreacting to unwanted thoughts a. To avoid such negative outcomes, they attempt to neutralize their thoughts with actions (or other thoughts) b. Neutralizing thoughts/actions may include: i. Seeking reassurance ii. Thinking “good” thoughts iii. Washing iv. Checking 4. When a neutralizing action reduces anxiety, it is reinforced a. Client becomes more convinced that the thoughts are dangerous b. As fear of thoughts increases, the number of thoughts increases 5. If everyone has intrusive thoughts, why do only some people develop OCD? a. People with OCD tend: i. To be more depressed than others ii. To have higher standards of morality and conduct iii. To believe thoughts are equal to actions and are capable of bringing harm iv. To believe that they can and should have perfect control over their thoughts and behaviors
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6. Cognitive therapies a. Focus on the cognitive processes that help to produce and maintain obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts b. May include: i. Psychoeducation ii. Habituation training Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 7. Research suggests that a combination of the cognitive and behavioral models often is more effective than either intervention alone
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abnormal psychology lecture 091707 - abnormal psychology...

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