Biology 102 - Giraffe Lamarckian evolution – streach...

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Biology What is a molecular clock- DNA appears to accumulate at a constant rate Brain stem - Cerebellum -motor skills muscle movements Cerebram- the center of the nervious system large part of brain Evolution of color of guppies Anatomy – we all have similar limbs just and use is kinda the same ex wings arms etc Help support evolurion Tenets of evolurion 1) organisms produce more offspring then can survive 2) ALL organisms have variation 3) variation is inheritable 4) survivle of the fittest will have more offspring 5)evolution is NOT DIRECTIONAL 6) organisms share a common ancestry Microevolurion – small scale change occurs with in same species over a long time Macroevolution- grand scale new species and major episodes of extinction
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Unformatted text preview: Giraffe Lamarckian evolution – streach their necks and through time they got longer Darwine evolution – the ones with longer necks lived so they passes on the trait Endosymbiotic theory-larger bacterial cells lost cell walls and engulfed smaller bacteria cells Fast twitch muscles- has hight ATP but DOES NOT replenish it max strength at 1 time Slow twitch muscles- red, steady prolonged ATP production long term aerobic work NERVES Neurons cells that encode and transmit infro Swean cells make the impulse go faster Feb 12 born Darwin his co author Wallace Larmark required traits Inferred relations more similar to each other more closely related...
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Biology 102 - Giraffe Lamarckian evolution – streach...

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