Psychological Problems during Adolescence

Psychological Problems during Adolescence - Psychological...

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Psychological Problems during Adolescence Some Issues in the Study of Maladjustment during Adolescence Are adolescence in a vulnerable subgroup? Normative experimentation versus abnormality Comorbidity Broad Dimensions of Psychosocial Problems during Adolescence Internalizing : problems related to internal experience of distress.  Includes depression and  anxiety Externalizing : problems related to anger, impulsivity, and antisocial tendencies Limitations of the Externalizing/Internalizing Distinction Some classes of problems are both externalizing and internalizing disorders (e.g., substance  abuse). Some important problems of adolescence (e.g., peer rejection) don’t fit neatly into either  category. Externalizing Disorders Conduct Disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Conduct Disorder Aggressive behavior towards animals or people Rule breaking or violation of laws Status offenses Destruction of property/stealing Deception/lying Developmental Changes in Aggressive Behavior Overt aggression declines in frequency (but increases in salience) over development Will the same pattern hold for relational aggression? Subtypes of Conduct Disorder Early-Start or Life-Course Persistent Late-Start or Adolescence-Limited Developmental Changes in Nonaggressive Antisocial Behavior Nonaggressive antisocial behavior diversifies with transition into adolescence
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Psychological Problems during Adolescence - Psychological...

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