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Business I Know - ECON 103 A 9/21/06 The business I have...

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ECON 103 A 9/21/06 The business I have chosen is The founder and owner is a friend and fellow student at UMass Amherst. At first glance, I thought James was an ordinary college student who just dresses a little more formally than is usual. The longer I knew him, though, the more I heard about him from others. “He’s a millionaire!” “He’s double majoring and triple minoring!” Wow, is that even possible? Then, James told me himself that UMass Amherst pays him to attend school here; he could have graduated last year as a sophomore but decided to stay for the free room and board while he pursued his interests. James’s is the small business that has impressed me the most of any I’ve had personal experience with. I first learned of it from the friend who introduced us. The mutual friend sent me a link to what I assumed was a personal page, perhaps something similar to a MySpace page. I quickly realized that this was only not the case. It had no private information about the owner of the site; rather, there were links to miscellaneous leisure items, the most impressive of which is a series of original tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. But most impressive of all was the portfolio of the business projects completed and in progress. At 20 years old, James Zhang is not yet old enough to buy his own alcohol, but is already successful enough that, in his own words, he feels that “honestly, you can only buy so much. I kind of got bored already.”
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Business I Know - ECON 103 A 9/21/06 The business I have...

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