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philos exam essay 2 - Alexandra Williams Jones Philosophy...

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Alexandra Williams Jones Philosophy 215 November 16 th , 2006 In Chinese philosophy, one studies ideas through a sage tradition. One attains the status of a sage through first becoming an apprentice in a school of thought and modeling oneself after the ideas expressed in the school. However, schools can be very different in their views about the world. The two main schools, Confucianism and Daoism, differ greatly in their opinions on how people should live their lives and on how the world works. While Confucianism stresses rules and social conventions as necessities to have a productive life and a proper government, Daoism stresses exactly the opposite—that rules and conventions interfere with nature and hamper spontaneity and creativity. Though too many strict and unnecessary rules certainly do hamper creativity and are mainly useless, I believe that a fair number of rules are certainly necessary to keep the world in order and to live a productive life. Thus, Confucianism would be the obvious choice for me. Confucius developed a philosophical system to develop the moral characters of people so that leading a moral life would be habitual and they simply wouldn’t want to do wrong, eliminating a need for laws. He believed a strong moral character would promote long-term
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philos exam essay 2 - Alexandra Williams Jones Philosophy...

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