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Exam 2 2/18 Subsistence strategy : where people get there food from. 4 kinds of subsistence strategy (3 out of the 4 are production strategy). o Hunter Gathers : food getting (but not production). They are finding food that is already available in the environment (foragers). Low population density (not as stressful). Long post-partum sexual taboo. Long periods of nursing (used as a form of birth control). Egalitarian (everyone in the society has the same social status) Power – ability to coercive someone to do what I want them to do Prestige – status in society (been born with different level of status) Wealth – any kind of material resource that we agree is degree of wealth Tend to be a group of all related people Malleable and mobile (nomadic) Don’t believe people can own land but they can control it (like water resources) Other groups ask to use their resources and they always say yes They never store food; if an animal is killed, the group will stay until all the meat has been eaten Low levels of material culture (only keep what they can carry) Marginal environments from the point of view of food production We have a class system (every individual is born in particular point of access to power, prestige, and wealth) o Pastorilists: food comes from husbandry (breeding animals) They are creating these animals. A true pastoralist breeds these animals, which is highly involved in their culture. Maasai people eat 80% of their food comes from their cattle. o Horticulture : food production that is based on plants “Hand tools” o Agriculture : “power tools” Ecosystem : composed of physical environment (rainfall, indigenous plants) and the organisms in the system
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Exam2_Notes - Exam 2 2/18 Subsistence strategy where people...

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