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History 210 Midterm - 02/28/08 History 210 Midterm Question...

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02/28/08 History 210 Midterm Question #1 Prof. Ludington The Industrial Revolution took place in Europe between 1700 and 1800. It was a time of rapid change and developments in almost every area of life and a transformative event in European history. The Industrial Revolution influenced social structure, manual labor, child labor, living conditions, and many other areas. Although some of the effects of the Industrial Revolution were negative, overall, the Industrial Revolution was necessary for improving quality of life. Countless inventions were developed to facilitate labor and allow more to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. This also led to harsh working conditions; workers were expected to work quickly and long hours. Despite the less than desirable working conditions, the Industrial Revolution contributed many positive things to European society. The positive effects of the Industrial Revolution clearly outweigh the negative effects that were present at the time. The Industrial Revolution changed the whole course of history. The Industrial Revolution offered opportunities for employment to people who would otherwise never have improved their situation in life. The key behind the Industrial Revolution was replacing muscle with machines, which provided many job opportunities for common people to work in factories and mills to help mass-produce products. The revolution did not just create job opportunities, but also an opportunity to better one’s living conditions 1
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and status in society. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution did not only impact the
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History 210 Midterm - 02/28/08 History 210 Midterm Question...

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