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Notes for april 16th

Notes for april 16th - marchers Lbj signed civil rights act...

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Notes for april 16 th Reforms- cause and effect, 1960’s LBJ elected 1964 Gulf of Tonkin res. Gave LBJ full military power from congress 500,000 troops in Nam by 1968 1 st amendment rights given to university students at Berkley, They took over a university bldg. LBJ and his “great society” to aid impoverished Americans March 7 1965- mach from Selma to montgomery Alabama. Police beat shit out of black
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Unformatted text preview: marchers Lbj signed civil rights act 1966 black panthers founded in CA 1967 detroit, Newark urban riots. 83 ppl died The rolling stones-satisfaction Haight-Ashbury of San Fransisco. Hippies April 4 1968, MLK shot and died in Memphis Robert Kennedy assassinated 2 months later Chicago DNC-protest turned to rioting. November- Nixon elected...
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