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Jazz History Test 2 - Jazz History Test 2 Essay 1 Any tale...

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Jazz History Test 2 Essay 1. Any tale that is told about jazz tends to start where jazz did, in Storyville, New Orleans. This is where Buddy Bolden started his career, which would end abruptly and tragically. He has been credited with leading one of the earliest marching bands and could well be the father of jazz for his countless contributions. Jazz started out as a logical outgrowth of marching bands with many of the same instruments used. Many blacks were now playing Western instruments, which in earlier days helped their resale value. In its beginning Jazz was played primarily by black musicians, with the exception of a few white musicians. Black musicians were typically not classically trained, meaning they were, for the most part, self-taught. This would seem like a downer, but actually influenced the musicians even more. Jazz, or Dixieland as it was called in its earlier days, enabled a musician to express themselves in a way they were not able to before. Many black musicians would
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