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Monica Parrillo November 19, 2007 English 111: Close Reading of Potiki The last two paragraphs on page seventy-two describe how the Maori and “Dollarmen” view things very differently. The passage describes how the Dollarmen believe that the Maori are better off in the government housing, while the Maori clearly prefer their old land. Overall, the passage is part of a story that Toko is recalling to the reader. While the government thinks that the Maori will be better off in the middle of the city, the Maori would rather live on their settlement where they are all together. Grace
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Unformatted text preview: writes: “they didn’t have their meeting house any more” followed by: “but it wasn’t a proper meeting house” (72). This abrupt paragraph transition emulates the storytelling aspect of the novel. The storyteller jumps between thoughts quickly and one idea leads to another. Grace successfully uses this stream-of-consciousness method of writing to make the reader feel as if he or she is being told the story....
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