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Monica Parrillo English 108.3: Essay 5 April 13, 2008 Blurring the Line Both Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep deeply explore the issues of morality and humanity. They leave their audiences wondering where the line between good and bad can be drawn and give more or less similar views to what it means to be human. Two defining characteristics of humans are their abilities to empathize and to live in a functional social group. Under these standards, it becomes less and less clear whether or not the androids should be considered humans. This lack of distinction between human and robot is best shown through the contrasting characterizations of both the humans and androids throughout the novel and the film. The primary character in both the novel and the film is Rick Deckard, a Blade Runner who is employed by the United States government to “retire”, essentially to kill, misbehaving androids. In the film, Deckard exemplifies the film noir’s ideal cop. The first shot of him shows him alone at an Asian restaurant on the side of a very busy street looking weary in the perpetual rainstorm. In fact, for most of the film, Deckard works alone. Nothing is known about his personal life, past, or family; it seems they do not even exist. Although in the novel his wife, Iran, makes several appearances, his relationship with her never seems loving or 1
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emotional of any sort. It seems that in both works, Deckard is the lone soldier on a mission. However, this challenges a defining human characteristic, community. Neither Scott nor Dick ever show Deckard as having friends or even making
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essay5 - Monica Parrillo English 108.3 Essay 5 Blurring the...

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