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GVPT Term paper - During the news media's coverage of the...

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During the news media’s coverage of the 2004 presidential election, many journalistic and news reports perpetuated the “game schema” and “governing schema” that Thomas Patterson discusses in his Out of Order . Patterson argues that the media is unable to perform its basic role of giving the American unbiased government information about the pending policy issues. Using analysis tools such as “game schema” and “governing schema,” Patterson attempts to pinpoint the press’s cynicism for governing officials. Articles from major newspapers and journals such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today give credence to the belief that there is indeed a zero sum game when it comes to political elections; the press wish to determine who is “winning” the game and who is “losing” rather than focusing on which candidate has the better policies. In a sense, the 2004 presidential election has reciprocated the relatively recent tradition of making the election akin to a high school popularity contest. I. Game Schema - MEDIA a. Media views politics as a game: goal is to win and the politicians are the players i. Debates – the press loves at the end to determine who won the debate and who lost 1. http://web.lexis-nexis.com/universe/document? wchp=dGLbVzW- a. There's been an extraordinary level of interest in the first debate,' said Su-Lin Nichols, the spokesperson. 'We expect it to be a sizable news event.'Nichols
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GVPT Term paper - During the news media's coverage of the...

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