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CH 9 study guide - By what means does the brain increase in size from birth to adulthood What happens to the brain in adolescence How does this

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STUDY GUIDE CH 9 What are the phases of neurodevelopment? From what layer of the embryo does the nervous system develop? How does it develop? (plate, groove, tube) What characterizes the cells of the neural plate? What does the neural tube become? What happens if the tube fails to close? What is the neural crest? What is proliferation? When and where does it occur? By what means do neurons migrate? How do they know where to go? What is differentiation? What did the ferret experiment illustrate? How do axons migrate? What happened in Sperry’s experiment? What is myelination? How long does myelination take? What is synaptogenesis? What is the role of glia? Is neuron death always bad? What is blooming? Pruning? Neural Darwinism? What is meant by plasticity? When is the brain most plastic? What are neurotrophins and how are they employed in the nervous system? What is apoptosis? Necrosis? When is neurogenesis completed for the most part?
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Unformatted text preview: By what means does the brain increase in size from birth to adulthood? What happens to the brain in adolescence? How does this relate to behavior? What happens to the brain with age? How does experience impact the brain? What is meant by sensitive periods? What changes do we see in the brains of the blind? In musicians? What effect does enrichment and deprivation have on the brain? Where might neurogenesis occur in the adult brain? What are teratogens? What factors determine their influence? What are the symptoms of autism? Why is it considered a spectrum disorder? How common is savantism among autistic people? What biological factors seem to be involved in autism? What characterizes those with Williams syndrome? Compare and contrast with autism. What causes it, what brain abnormalities do they tend to have?...
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