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Psychology 327 Kevin Ladd Haiku 1 1. Hedonist seeking Unable to control one Rake into danger This Haiku shows that the rake needs to act in an uncontrollable and dangerous fashion to achieve his desired results from a potential mate. The first line “Hedonists seek,” is an expression that operates under the influence that the end goal of life is the seeking of pleasure. In a physiological sense this means that one acts out of their drive and is unable to control oneself. The rake, on the other hand, acts this way knowing that it is one of his qualities that will help him seduce his potential mate. Therefore danger is both a quality of the rake and also a risk for the potentially seduced. 2. Lovers know the key Faith in potential and not words Ideal is distance This Haiku show how ideal lovers handle themselves around a potential mate.
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Unformatted text preview: The key is to find out what one is lacking in their life by showing faith. This faith should be shown that a potentially seduced has many quality skills that are just beneath the surface. In other words, a seducer shows a potential mate her hidden desires and dreams can easily become reality. One must also know that a potential mate wont tell a potential seducer how to seduce her through words, but they can find out through their tone of voice, facial expressions, and many other not so obvious ways. The last line ties all of this together because the ideal lover knows that he should not need to convince one to stay and should in fact distance himself after the first few seductions from his seduced....
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