bowling assn 3

bowling assn 3 - if you are in the right situation I...

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PER 137B Supplement 9: God’s Gift I enjoyed reading this article – especially being a big fan of the Sunday  afternoon nap. I think that rest is very important, not only to recharge our  batteries but also, to relax and enjoy life. I think that if we are to get all we can  out of life, we need to take time out of our day and just sit and rest. I did however question one part of the article. The part was the story about  the man who never took a day off work. I do not think that all people need to take  vacations all the time. I think if you loved your job and lived a good life that  maybe you would not need to take a day off work because you are already  relaxed. Granted, most people probably should take a day off here and there, but 
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Unformatted text preview: if you are in the right situation, I don’t think you would need to take a break. That being said there were a couple of things I really liked in the article. One thing I liked was the idea that God designed humans with the need to rest. I believe that this is very true and that God desires that we do take time and rest. Another thing that I liked in the article was the list of ways God’s people can grow the depth dimension. I believe that the entire list is very good and that all people should try and follow this list. I personally am going to try and keep this list in mind as I go through my life and I think that the concepts represented in the list can help you live a more fulfilled life....
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bowling assn 3 - if you are in the right situation I...

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