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PER 177A Assignment One: For this assignment, I watched the NFC championship game with the Bears vs. the Saints. An example of where competition was good was when Rex Grossman came back from a shady start and went 4/4 to score a touchdown. Rex’s game was elevated due to the competition and he responded from a bad start. An example of where competition was bad was when Reggie Bush taunted Brian Urlacher before finishing his 88 yard touchdown run. Reggie Bush was overcome by the game and showed the bad side of
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Unformatted text preview: competition by taunting the Brian Urlacher and the Bear’s defense. Assignment Two: During high school I swam the butterfly but I don’t think I looked near as good as this. In this picture Michael Phelps is swimming the butterfly. The timing and flow of Michael Phelps swimming is amazing and everything is in perfect rhythm. While his head comes out of the water, his arms are in perfect sequence with the rest of his body to continually push him forward as fast as possible....
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