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Religion 131/Wilcox Clues to the Nicene Creed Chapter 1: The book starts out by insuring the value of the creed by saying that it is important to have, not as a substitute for scripture, but a summary of the affirmations in the Christian faith. Next the author outlines the three main ideas in the creed. The first point is that the creed’s worshipful nature reinforces the praise giving nature of the creed. The second point is that the creed is meant to be a response to God’s word. The third point is that the creed is a link in between proclamation and prayers of intercession. Finally, the author talks about our freedom to follow God and how the church is made up of many different beliefs. The author makes the point that we do not need to follow laws but that we a free to worship God. Chapter 2: The beginning of chapter two is about the statement at the beginning of the Nicene Creed, and what Christians are actually saying, whether it is we believe or I believe. The author argues that we need to believe, not in ourselves but that we need to
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