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Dr. Emmert POSC 2353 28 March 2007 Problem 6 1. Breeder toms are heavily culled and selection is based on disease and malformations. Selection pressure begins at 16 weeks and usually the heaviest 30-40% are kept for breeding. The toms that are left are slaughtered for meat. On the other hand, hens are selected for egg production. The healthiest 85% of hens are kept when selection pressure is applied at 16 weeks. The rest of the hens are slaughtered for meat. 2. Toms are full fed for the first 16 weeks to promote growth. During the rearing phase, weight gain is slowed to decrease costs. In decreased feed during ages 16- 30 weeks will result in lighter toms and easier semen collection. Hens are restrict fed from the beginning to slow growth and promote a strong frame. Also there is a negative correlation between weight gain and reproductive performance. Throughout the rearing phase the breeders are restrict fed and even throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: breeder phase. 3A. Hens—from 0 to 16 weeks they receive 14 hrs of light, 16-28/29wks they receive 6-7 hrs, 29-end of production they receive 14 hrs. Toms—0-16wks receive 14 hrs, 16-25wks receive 10 hrs, from 25 to the end of production 12 hrs. 3B. Turkey breeder toms are stimulated earlier because they have a 3-4 week sperm production period. 4. AI allows for better fertility, increased hatchability, and an increase in the number of hens per tom. Negative consequences include cost, labor, supplies, and housing. 5A.Broody hens can be identified by there preference to lay egg on the floor, stop in production of eggs, hissyness, and an extreme desire to sit on the egg. 5B. Mark the birds, collect eggs often, walk through the houses, and train to lay in the nest. 5C. Change the surrounding environment, wire floor, lots of light, pull hen out of nest box....
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