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Dr. Emmert Poultry Production and Management 18 January 2006 Reading Assignment I 1. During the late 80’s and 90’s most geneticists were working toward a higher percentage of breast meat. 2. There have been several problems that include metabolic diseases, leg problems, male fertility, and an increase in ascites cases. 3. Male fertility problems are being addressed in the field by spiking male populations in breeder houses. 1. Uniformity is the best indicator of future performance because of the relationship between body weight and sexual maturity, or egg production in pullets. 2. Other ways that are useful for measuring uniformity are standard deviation, “eyeballing”, coefficient of variation. 3. Possible causes of poor uniformity include birds not receiving the right amount of food, not being able to utilize the nutrients that present, or they are not housed in conditions that will allow them to respond to nutrients thy receive, disease, poor response to vaccinations, improper or inconsistent beak trimming, less than ideal
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  • male fertility, poor weight uniformity, Emmert Poultry Production, improper water restriction, poor feed distribution

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