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Chapter 24 Outline - The rose familyRosaceae The legume...

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Plant Biology Chapter 24 Outline I. Flowering plants and civilization a. Origin of cultivated plants i. Near-eastern region ii. Chinese region iii. African region iv. South Asia and the islands of the pacific v. North America vi. South and central America  b. Selected families of flowering plants i. Dicots (now recognized in 2 groups) The buttercup family—Ranunculaceae  The laurel family—Lauraceae The poppy family—Papaveraceae The mustard family—Brassicaceae
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Unformatted text preview: The rose familyRosaceae The legume familyFabaceae The spurge familyEuphorbiacaeae The cactus familyCataceae The mint FamilyLamiaceae The nightshade familySolanaceae The carrot familyApiaceae The pumpkin familyCurcurbitaceae The sunflower familyAsteraceae ii. Monocots The grass familyPoaceae The lily familyLiliaceae The orchid familyOrchidaceae Definitions...
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