Chapter 3 Outline and definitions

Chapter 3 Outline and definitions - Plant Biology Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: Plant Biology Chapter 3 Outline I. Cells a. Cells i. History ii. Modern Microscopes b. Eukaryotic versus prokaryotic cells c. Cell structure and communication i. Cell size ii. The cell wall iii. Communication between cells d. Cellular components i. The plasma membrane ii. The nucleus iii. The endoplasmic reticulum iv. Ribosomes v. Dictyosomes vi. Plastids vii. Mitochondria viii. Microbodies ix. Vacuoles x. The cytoskeleton e. Cellular reproduction i. The cell cycle ii. Interphase iii. Mitosis 1. Prophase 2. Metaphase 3. Anaphase 4. Telophase f. Higher plant cells versus animal cells Definitions Cell theory-- Light microscopes-- Electron microscopes-- Prokaryotic having a cell or cells that lack a distinct nucleus and other membrane bound organelles. Eukaryotic pertaining to cells having distinct membrane bound organelles. Including a nucleus with chromosomes. Organelles a membrane bound body in the cytoplasm of a cell; there are several kinds each with a specific function. Cell walls the relatively rigid boundary of cells of plants and certain other organisms. Protoplasm-- Cytoplasm the protoplasm of a cell exclusive of the nucleus. Middle lamella a layer of material rich in pectin that cements two adjacent cell walls together....
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Chapter 3 Outline and definitions - Plant Biology Chapter...

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