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Plant Biology Chapter 1 Outline I. What is plant biology? A. The relationship of humans to their environment 1. Human and animal dependence on plants B. Botany as a science 1. Hypothese 2. Microscopes C. Diversification of plant study Definitions Botany —science involving the study of plants. Science —a branch of study involved with the systematic observation, recording,  organization, and classification of facts from which natural laws are derived and used  predicatively. Botanists —someone who studies or specializes in botany. Plant physiology —the botanical discipline that pertains to the metabolic activities and  processes of plants. Plant taxonomy —the botanical discipline that pertains to the classification, naming, and 
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Unformatted text preview: identification of plants. Plant systematics the study of the diversity of organisms and the relationships among them. Plant geography botanical discipline that pertains to the broader aspects of the space relations of plants and their distribution over the surface of the earth. Plant ecology the science that deals with the relationships and interactions between plants and their environment. Plant morphology the botanical discipline that pertains to plant form and development. Genetics the biological discipline involving the study of heredity. Cell biology the biological discipline involving the study of cells and their functions....
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