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Dr. Emmert POSC 2353 25 April 2007 Problem Set 2 1. Shell-Protective & nutritional, Cuticle-Protective, Membranes outer and inner- protective and facilitative, Albumin-nutritional, Chalazae-facilitative, Yolk membrane-facilitative, Yolk-nutritional, Germinal spot-facilitative, Allantois- facilitative, Chorion-facilitative, Amnion-protective. 2. During the embryonic stage of development, the embryos begin to produce their own heat. Therefore it is necessary to remove the the excess heat that is being produced.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. As egg size increases, moisture loss decreases. At the same humidity large eggs lose less moisture than smaller eggs. 3B. As humidity increases moisture loss decreases. At the same humidity small eggs lose a greater percent of weight during incubation. 4. Incubator #1 Incubator #2 %RH 80% 55% Avg. % moisture loss 6.30 10.9 % true fertility 92.0 92.2 % early dead 7.0 3.0 % mid/late dead 10.0 42.0 % hatchability set eggs 75.0 85.0 % hatchability fertile 81.5 92.2 Point spread 17.0 7.2...
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