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reading assigment 4

reading assigment 4 - 8 If birds are not kept in their...

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Dr. Emmert POSC 2353 25 April 2007 Section 4 Reading Assignment 1. Stress causes the blood vessels that surround the yolk sac to constrict and this impedes the ability of the mesenteric vessels where the antibodies and nutrients are absorbed. 2. Stress can result from conditions like hot or cold temperatures, wet floors, ammonia, low feed and water, and disease. 3. Problems can be cured by leaving feeder lids down longer and being sure permanent feeders are starting properly. 4. Death is usually the result of extreme temperature, but chilling or overheating can damage young chicks without causing death. 5. Thermostats must be set a little higher than the desired temperature in order to maintain “comfort zones.” 6. 40-60% until birds are marketed. 7. Regulate temperature, provide ample oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, ammonia, other gases, moisture, dust and odors.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. If birds are not kept in their comfort zones more energy must be expended to maintain body temperature. 9. Fuel consumption is reduced due to the smaller area being heated and one person can tend to a larger number of chicks and its rapid turnover is necessary, the house can be made ready for the next brood of flock quickly. 10. Intensified management is necessary to maintain the proper environment, excess moisture and inadequate feed and water space, and additional costs. 11. Prevent stress, promote efficient use of energy produce maximum growth for development, increase feed and maintain optimum environmental conditions. 12. Physical limitations, bird physiology, feed availability, and water availability. 13. Tunnel, conventional, and dark-out. 14. Feeders, drinkers, and feeder and drinker heights....
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