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Dr. Emmert POSC 2353 28 March 2007 Reading Assignment 7 1. Most concerns are based upon the confinement of egg laying hens in cages. 2. There is a lower rate of contamination so disease can be treated earlier. 3. Cages stop birds from crowding together and suffocating each other. 4. Cages improve egg quality by reducing contamination. 5. Cages also improve heath care and monitoring of the birds. 6. Broodiness of the hens was not mentioned in the article. 1. Changes include adding about 50% more space per hen, banning the practice of holding feed and water to increase egg production, and gradually phase out de- beaking. 2. The UEP seems to agree with McDonald’s since they were bothhanded similar recommendations. 3. Some concerns include crowding of animals, and an inability to perform natural behaviors.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. No, groups such as PETA will continually find things that are “wrong” with the system. More people become animal activist every year. 5. Problems include stress, salmonella, and the debate about humanness. 6. McDonalds might have accepted these terms because they are being blamed for the practices, when in reality it is the producers who are causing the problems. 1. Consumer pressure 2. 20-25% body weight loss, cessation of laying long enough for total regression of the reproductive tract, and an acceptable and persistent 2 nd laying cycle. 3. The first step is to reduce the photoperiod to 8 hours. 4. A minimum of 5-6 weeks. 5. The most important characteristics are a balanced low energy high fiber type of ration, which is low in sodium. 6. 2-3 weeks....
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