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Dr. Emmert Poultry Production and Management 20 February 2007 Reading Assignment III 1. Uniformity of flock body weight is a good indicator of future flock performance because of the relationship between body weight and sexual maturity, or egg production in pullets. 2. Percentage uniformity is the percentage of birds that fall with in the target weight range. 3. Other measurements that can be used are standard deviation, or the coefficient of variation. 4. Poor flock uniformity can be caused by disease, poor bird response to vaccinations, and poor feed quality. 5. Three possible consequences of poor flock uniformity are reduced egg production and hatchability, poor response to light stimulation, and a lack of uniformity in egg weight. 1. Cobb 500 Broiler Breeders need to be protected from light stimulation until they reach the target weight of 1850g.
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Unformatted text preview: Until this time, dark out houses should be used to prevent any light from reaching the birds. From hatching to about 3 weeks, the birds need to be exposed to 24 hours of light. After this point, the light needs to be reduced to 8 hours until the age of 20 weeks. If dark out houses are unavailable natural daylight production can be used. 2. a. Redraw target bodyweight to gradually achieve standard target by 70 days. b. Redraw target bodyweight to gradually achieve standard target by 133 days. c. Redraw target bodyweight parallel to standard targets weights through 22 weeks. Bodyweight should return to standard by 26 weeks. d. Delay light stimulation by 1 week and redraw target bodyweight parallel to standard target until 5% daily production, thereafter bodyweight will progress in response to feed increases for production....
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