Lab report-wisonsin fast plants

Lab report-wisonsin fast plants - Effects of Gibberellin on...

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Effects of Gibberellin on Brassica Rapa Lab Section 22 Robert McElderry November 16 th 2006
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Introduction Brassica rapa also known as the Wisconsin Fast Plant is known for its rapid growth and development and short life cycle (Kelly 2006). B. rapa does not require much attention to mature, only the bare necessities such as water, light, and fertilizer. The ease of care makes B. rapa ideal for classroom experiments involving limited amounts of time and resources. In addition, B. rapa is also suitable for “growing indoors under cool fluorescent light, because it takes up relatively small amounts of space (Lee 2003).” Plant growth and development has been an important factor for humans since the foundation of agricultural farming communities around 8000 B.C. (Diamond 1997). Accordingly, gibberellin acts as a channel for accelerated plant growth and stem length (Razem et al 2006). In experiments gibberellin has been known to elongate the epicotyls of B. rapa plants that were given continuous doses (Nishijima et al 2005). The point of the experiment is to see if gibberellin will have any effect on the growth of B. rapa. The gibberellin will be applied weekly. The hypothesis is that the gibberellin will increase the speed at which the plant normally grows. This is based upon research already performed in which gibberellin hastened seed germination, stem elongation, leaf expansion, pollen tube growth, flower and fruit development, and floral
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Lab report-wisonsin fast plants - Effects of Gibberellin on...

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