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VERSION A ATOC 1050, Exam II, Fall 2006 Name: ______________________ MARK THE VERSION OF THE TEST ON YOUR SCANTRON. Multiple choice and True/False. Circle the BEST answer on this paper and darken in the corresponding circle on the scantron for the multiple choice, or circle “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” on your paper and on the scantron. DON’T FORGET TO DO BOTH! Each correct answer is worth 2 points. 1. In an extratropical cyclone, the worst convective weather can be found: a. in front of the dry line b. in front of the surface cold front c. in the warm sector d. all of the above e. a. and b. only 2. T .F. The dry adiabatic lapse rate is set at 10 ° C/km, but the moist adiabatic rate varies slightly due to the amount of moisture in the air. 3. T. F. Anticyclonic vorticity is associated with troughs while cyclonic vorticity is associated with ridges. 4. What is the most important factor in the intensification of a extratropical (midlatitude) cyclone? a. divergence aloft b. warm air c. positive vorticity d. a. and c. e . cold air 5. What does “extratropical” refer to? a. very much inside the tropical latitudes. b. outside the tropical latitudes c. roughly between 30 ° and 70 ° latitude d. all of the above e. b. and c. only 6. T . F . Warm occlusion is more common than cold occlusion. 7. Which does NOT describe a “Nor’easter”? a. usually forms off the coast of North Carolina b. can have hurricane force winds and cause beach erosion c. also called a “bomb” d . forms in the tropics and travel up the east coast like a hurricane e. NONE of the above – they all describe “Nor’easters” 8. T . F. Your instructor, Betsy Forrest, does not give makeup exams. 9. Divergence aloft causes a surface _________ pressure and accompanying _____ weather. a. low, “good” b. high, “good” c. low, “bad d. high, “bad” e. low, cold 1
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10. Which does NOT pertain to the Blizzard of 1993? a. There were 11 tornadoes in the northeastern USA . b. The storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico
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